Interest Rate Update


Long term interest rates have remained at historically low levels throughout the majority of the year. At the beginning of the year, most prognosticators anticipated interest rates to move up in lock step with Fed interest rate hikes.

Most long-term rates are tied to the benchmark 10-year Treasury rate which is... read more

Q&A: Construction Loans, Where Are We Now?


Barry Slatt Mortgage Company CEO, Dan Friedeberg, recently sat down and interviewed Senior Vice President, Richard Davidson about the current state of the market for construction loans. The following are excerpts from the 7/31/2017 interview:

Friedeberg: “What is causing the current tightening in the construction loan space?”

Davidson: “One of the main drivers of... read more

Market Update – Q3, 2017


Heading into August of 2017, it is important to keep updated on what is happening in the ever-changing CREF (Commercial Real Estate Finance) market. The following is an update summarizing the four major lending categories:

Life Companies
Life insurance companies are typically “asset allocation” lenders. In other words, life companies invest a... read more

Correspondent Corner


Barry Slatt Mortgage would like to profile a correspondent lender program. The following outlines one of our most competitive Life Insurance Company correspondent lenders in the market:

  • Loan amounts range from $5-50 million
  • Lends Nationally in major markets
  • Typical loan terms are 5-20 years
  • 25-30 year amortizations are typical. Interest only is available for... read more

    “But, What’s My Down-Payment?”


    In today’s compressed cap-rate environment, we very often hear something along the lines of “why do I have to put so much down?”

    I hope this post helps illuminate an often-frustrating aspect of a hot commercial real estate market.

    “But, what’s my down-payment?”

    As a commercial mortgage banker, one of the most frequently... read more