Correspondent Corner


Barry Slatt Mortgage would like to profile a correspondent lender program. The following outlines one of our most competitive Life Insurance Company correspondent lenders in the market:

  • Loan amounts range from $5-50 million
  • Lends Nationally in major markets
  • Typical loan terms are 5-20 years
  • 25-30 year amortizations are typical. Interest only is available for... read more

    “But, What’s My Down-Payment?”


    In today’s compressed cap-rate environment, we very often hear something along the lines of “why do I have to put so much down?”

    I hope this post helps illuminate an often-frustrating aspect of a hot commercial real estate market.

    “But, what’s my down-payment?”

    As a commercial mortgage banker, one of the most frequently... read more

    The Flattening of the U.S. Treasury Yield Curve


    According to Wikipedia, the term yield curve “…is a curve showing several yields or interest rates across different contract lengths (2 month, 2 year, 20 year, etc. …) for a similar debt contract. The curve shows the relation between the (level of the) interest rate (or cost of borrowing)... read more

    Correspondent Corner


    Barry Slatt Mortgage Company would like to profile a correspondent lender program.  Having represented and serviced loans for this lender for 25+ years, we felt it would be a good idea to profile a lending source focused in the retail space during this time of perceived uncertainty in the sector.... read more

    Multi-Family Market Update


    With many investors focusing on multi-family properties as their favorite real estate asset class, it is essential to understand where multi-family properties fit in today’s dynamic capital markets.  The following is a summary of how the major lender classifications look at multi-family financing.

    Life Companies

    • Large appetite for multi-family properties, as many... read more